Oral storytelling is used in various cultures around the world. In West Africa, it is used to teach morals and cultural values, and serves as family community relaxation opportunities and most importantly, positive adult-child bonding sessions.

In Canada, oral storytelling promotes knowledge of the culture, helps maintain the important cultural morals and values, and supports home language maintenance. Our audio and video stories are collected from various cultures of West Africa to support positive engagement with your children. Listen together, explore the embedded cultural lessons, help your child participate in the call and response songs, and enjoy each story together.

Remember to relax and have fun!

We are continuously increasing our collection, so come back often!

Are you a storyteller? Can you contribute a cultural story in your home language? We need you.

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This project works to collate both the unique and the general African folktales for the enjoyment and cultural sustenance of children in the diaspora. The journey begins with tales from the Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa people of Nigeria and continues onwards through ... who knows where in Africa. Join us regularly on Moonlight Tales to find out where next.